Depending on the thin film that is used, foil strain gauges (SG) are implemented, for example, which achieve a gauge factor of up to 30. Depending on the corresponding requirements, specific thin films can be quoted or developed to satisfy the needs of the particular application. Besides the gauge factor, the focus lies on stability, temperature-sensitivity and, of course, reproducibility. The possible characteristics at a glance:

  • gauge factor between 2 and 30
  • linear signal strain behaviour
  • adjustable temperature coefficient of the electrical resistance (TCR)
  • electrical resistance adjustable from 120 to 500.000 ohms
  • transverse sensitivity of the thin film of 0% to 50%

Foil-strain gauges (foil SG) on a thin film base offer benefits which enable you to create sensor systems that are:


Thanks to an flexible laser structuring, there are nearly no limits regarding the shape of the SG. The arrangement of the measuring grid can be freely selected from the dimensions of the measuring grid to the number of grids on one film. Full bridge SG can be manufactured in a rosette form. They provide the corner points for the arrangement of the measuring grid and the desired tolerances. CeLaGo sensors checks availability and manufactures sensor elements especially for you which are perfectly adapted to suit your application.

From the electrical resistance up to the adaptation of creep behaviour, strain gauges can in this case be developed that fulfill your requirements. Tailor-made SG facilitate positioning as a centering aid and reduce the number of worksteps required for the application of the SG.

Whether with an integrated temperature sensor, comparison grid for the zero point, the temperature coefficient of the zero point or sensitivity - CeLaGo Sensors do not hesitate to develop compact sensor elements. For special applications such as in the fields of medicine or aerospace, it is possible to utilize other substrates. Comprehensive projects are also tackled as partners in Research and Development.