Through the use of our highly sensitive thin-film foil strain gauges, our force transducers are optionally characterized by:

  • high overload
  • high robustness
  • low nominal displacement
  • high natural frequency
  • high preload possibility
  • large measuring range
  • energy saving
  • high savings potential on the electronics side custom

Nominal signal, overload and accuracy class are specific to the transducer type and can be found in the respective data sheets. Depending on the transducer type, we offer different overloads for a given nominal force, nominal signal and accuracy class. Depending on the main requirements, already available force transducers can be used or we can manufacture a force transducer specially tailored to your needs.

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Guide of transducer abbreviation

AT - XX - XXX _ X
transducer type   charavteristic dimension   nominal force   added value



Guide of Transducer Item number

12 - X - UM - AT - XX - LLL.BBB.HHH _ X
product group  

overload class/

transducer material

  transducer type   nominal force   length/width/height   supplement (optional)



Overload class (U)

Overload classes at a glance:

Code (U)      Overload 
S increased overload (depending on transducer type)
W 150% (standard)

Transducer MATERIAL (M)

The following materials are available:

Code (A) Material
D stainless steel
F aluminum

Transducer Type (AT)

The rough classification of the transducers follows the table below. The design types differ in their dimensions and can be found in the individual data sheets:

Code (AT)
Transducer type
KM load cell
ZD tension-compression-transducer
BB bendung beam
SC shear bar
PB planar beam
KS customized

Length (LLL), width (BBB), Height (HHH)

Length, width and height of the transducer without attachments in mm.

Nominal Force (XX.XX)

The nominal force (XX.XX) is given in kN. For example, 50.00 represents a nominal force of 50 kN.

Added value (XX)

Code (X) Special feature
HO high overload
LE low energy consumption
HS high signal


Code (X) Special feature
E Prototype
V Hermetically encapsulated with glass feedthrough
R increased bridge resistance (energy-saving version)
L with sensor lines
M with plug
F different fixation
S Custom made special

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